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Dani Wieder

Dani is a director of theater and film based in Chicago.

Dani is a director of theater and film based in Chicago. She works with movement, puppetry, text and objects to create live experiences exploring identity, attachment, and the relationship of both to the body. Committed to challenging process and genre, Dani creates artist-driven infrastructure to develop interdisciplinary work with Haven Chicago as Literary Manager. Dani holds a B.A. in Theater and Performance and Gender and Sexuality Studies from University of Chicago. Her research explores the evolution of the performer-spectator relationship in relation to the history of bodies under capitalism. Up next: Associate Director of The Fly Honey Show X.

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Activating the Audience

Activating the Audience

How Directors Can Intentionally Craft Spectatorship

24 July 2019

Dani Wieder looks at the objectification inherent in theatre and the importance of artists crafting engaged performer-spectator relationships.