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Daniel Kinch

Daniel Kinch--Writer, performer, historian, activist

Daniel Kinch is a playwright, actor, and historian of activist movements. His play A CLOWN, A HAMMER, A BOMB, AND GOD premiered at the first New York International Fringe Festival in 1997 and was performed over 100 times in the United States and Europe Mr. Kinch’s other plays include PETRA KELLY SPEAKS TO POWER (a biography of the founder of the German Green Party), and THE STORY OF FALLING DON (an auto-biographical play about Mr. Kinch’s surviving 9/11, produced in 2002 at Theater for the New City and last year at the Frigid Fest). Mr. Kinch’s Play, HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB was an outgrowth of his work with Occupy Wall Street. HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB has been performed over a dozen times since its debut at the Occupy The Empty Space Event in March of 2012, Currently, Mr. Kinch is seeking performance venues for his new play PLANET PHUCKETT, a play about climate warming and the growing possibility of human extinction in the near term. PLANET PHUCKETT and THE STORY OF FALLING DON are now streamed on YOUTUBE at my site BROOKLYN CULTUREJAM.


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