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David Nando Rodgers

David Nando Rodgers is currently based in Rhode Island, where he is a company member of Out Loud Theatre (Artistic Director Kira Hawkridge). Last year, his co-translation with Vienna-based composer Rory Six of the German-language musical A Summer Rose in Winter had a New York City presentation. He attended the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program. During his education at London’s Globe Theatre and LISPA, voice and movement authorities such as Yvonne Morley, Barbara Houseman, Thomas Prattki, Debra Stych, and Glynn MacDonald served as his instructors in classroom or workshop settings. Favorite onstage credits include Ned Blunt in The Rover (dir. Joel Sass) and in Sweet Revenge at the Minnesota Centennial Showboat. @dnandorodgers

Photo from War Horse.
War Horse in the UK and US

War Horse in the UK and US

The Challenges of the Replica

3 July 2013

The tour of UK’s War Horse in the United States shows us that, even a ingenious play, assumed historical knowledge can make or break an audience’s experience.