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David Silvernail

David Silvernail, Educator.

David Silvernail works in education at New-York Historical Society. Their background is in Art History, particularly exploring legacy through reproductions. Their current research interests include queer and gender history, public history, visual culture and collecting.

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Queer Archival Praxis Roundtable

Queer Archival Praxis Roundtable

With Guests David Silvernail, Janet Werther, Victoria Lafave, Jordan Ealey, and Kelli Crump

6 September 2023

What role does white supremacy play in the creation of the queer theatre canon? What power and what responsibility do we—as queer theatremakers, historians, and educators—have to challenge canons and archives that define “queer” almost exclusively as white and cisgender? Artist-scholars Janet Werther, Victoria LaFave, Jordan Ealey, David Silvernail, and Kelli Crump join host Nicolas Shannon Savard to tackle these questions and to queer the archive.