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David Valdes

David Valdes Greenwood is a Cuban-American playwright interested in stories of personal identity, especially POC and LGBTQ experiences.

David Valdes Greenwood is a Boston-based playwright. His play The Mermaid Hour received a Rolling World Premiere from the National New Play Network in 2018 with productions by Borderlands Theatre, Milagro Theatre, Actor's Theatre of Charlotte, and (as Mermaid Hour: ReMixed, a chamber musical) by Mixed Blood. Other productions includeFull Code by Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company and Raggedy And with Pride Films & Plays. Recent work includes play The Last Catastrophist, which received 2017 workshops by Company One and the Huntington Theatre Company, and a documentary theatre project  in progress involving the narratives of undocumented youth. He teaches playwriting at Boston Conservatory at Berklee and English at Tufts University.

Conscious Casting and Letting Playwrights Lead

Conscious Casting and Letting Playwrights Lead

14 February 2018

Playwright David Valdes Greenwood discusses the importance of writing more diverse and intersectional characters, and reflects on the conundrum of “color conscious” casting.