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Deb Margolin

Deb Margolin is a playwright, actor, and theatre teacher. She is the recipient of an OBIE Award for Sustained Excellence of Performance, and the Kesselring Playwriting Prize. Her play Seven Palestinian Children has been translated into several languages and presented internationally. Her play Imagining Madoff will be presented this coming season in Tampa and St. Louis, and she will perform her play 8 Stops in All For One Theater’s 2015 season this April. Her newest play, Turquoise, was presented in workshop this past June. Deb has been artist in residence at Hampshire College and University of Hawaii and Zale writer-in-residence at Tulane University. She lives in New Jersey, which she denies, and is a proud member of New Dramatists.

Where the Ache for Speech Resides

Where the Ache for Speech Resides

10 February 2015

Deb Margolin explores what it is to teach solo theatre, and the difference between an act of personal revelation and an act of performance.

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