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Dudley Cocke

Dudley Cocke was director of Roadside Theater from 1978 to 2018, and from 2012 to 2014 he simultaneously served as acting director of the Appalachian media center Appalshop, of which Roadside is one branch. Under his direction, Roadside performed its original plays in forty-nine states, with extended runs Off-Broadway in New York City, and represented the United States at international festivals across Europe. In addition to his primary responsibilities at Roadside, which included stage directing and playwriting, he co-founded two national multicultural arts coalitions and served on the boards of three private philanthropies. He received the 2002 Heinz Award for Arts and Humanities.

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Rural Theater in a Democracy

Rural Theater in a Democracy

1 October 2012

Dudley Cocke, the director of Roadside Theater, on Rural Theater, its specific gifts, and the necessity of its inclusion in American Theater.


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Interview with Dudley Cocke

Interview with Dudley Cocke

4 March 2012

In this excerpt from Counting New Beans: Instrinsic Impact and the Value of Art, Dudley Cocke talks to Clayton Lord about Roadside Theater and its mission of encouraging conversation through theater in Appalacian communities.

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