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Elaine McGirr

Elaine McGirr is a literary and theatre historian specialising in the long eighteenth century.  Research interests include politics and/of performance, eighteenth-century Shakespeare, celebrity studies, and the intersections of gender and genre. Recent publications include Partial Histories: a Reappraisal of Colley Cibber (Palgrave, 2016), Stage Mothers: Women, Work and the Theatre 1660-1830 (Bucknell, 2014) and articles on Richardson, Aphra Behn, Shakespearean adaptation, eighteenth-century comedies, private theatricals, celebrity, and the authority of actresses. Her current project, 'The Age of the Actress,' recovers the careers of eighteenth-century actresses and the plays that made them famous.

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Learning About Mary Ann Yates with Dr. Elaine McGirr

Learning About Mary Ann Yates with Dr. Elaine McGirr

Theatre History Podcast #68

8 October 2018

Why is Mary Ann Yates the greatest actress you've never heard of? Dr. Elaine McGirr introduces us to this eighteenth-century star and recounts her fascinating career.