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Emily Dendinger

Emily Dendinger’s plays have been developed at The Lark, Sideshow Theatre, LiveWire Theatre, The Trip, Mudlark Theatre, the Alliance Theatre, The Navigators, Curious Theatre Company, New Leaf Theatre, Filament Theatre, and TimeLine Theatre. She is a two-time winner of Theater Masters National Play Competition, a 2013 City Theatre National Award finalist, a 2012 Heideman finalist, and a 2015 Alliance/Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Award finalist. Emily is a member of TimeLine’s Writer’s Collective and a recent graduate of the University of Iowa’s Playwright’s Workshop. She is currently the NNPN Playwright-in-Residence at Curious Theatre Company.

Everyone Wants You to be Great

Everyone Wants You to be Great

Thoughts on Play Submission from the Other Side of the Desk

24 April 2016

Playwright Emily Dendinger and producer Jess Hutchinson shine a little light on the play submission process.

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