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Emma Bexell

Mother of two children and the award-winning performing arts company Bombina Bombast. 

This is the bio ChatGPT wrote for me:

"Emma Bexell is a multifaceted creative force renowned as a dramaturg, playwright, and director. She co-founded Bombina Bombast, an esteemed company based in Malmö, Sweden, alongside Stefan Stanisic. Bexell's expertise lies in conceptual stage art and innovative storytelling, with a focus on interactive and immersive narratives. She obtained her Master of Arts degree in theater from the Theater Academy in Malmö, where she now serves as a guest lecturer, sharing her wealth of knowledge. In response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Bexell emerged as a leading consultant for performing artists, offering invaluable insights into digital concept development and audience engagement. Her outstanding contributions to the performing arts earned her recognition, including the prestigious Thalia Prize in 2020 for her compelling work at the Malmö City Theater. Bexell's creative endeavors extend beyond traditional theater, encompassing projects such as directing VR films and staging plays via live stream, showcasing her adaptability and innovation. Passionate about exploring the intersection of new technologies with theatrical processes, Bexell prompts critical inquiries into identity and representation in contemporary society. Driven by a commitment to engage younger audiences, she continues to pioneer innovative formats while advocating for the preservation of human authenticity in the evolving landscape of performing arts."

It has a lot of inaccuracies. 

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Theatre By and For Gamers

Theatre By and For Gamers

14 March 2024

In this episode, Emma Bexell from Bombina Bombast, a performing arts company in Malmö, Sweden, takes us to the space of gamified society and theatre. Bombina Bombast combines documentary audio, gaming interface, and immersive installation in a Virtual Reality show where audience members can rest with insomniac Swedish gang members—all while criticizing the attention economy.