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Emma Blake Morsi

Award-winning multi-disciplinary arts producer

With over a decade in the creative industry, Emma Blake Morsi is an award-winning Multi-Disciplinary Arts Producer, Production & Partnerships Manager of Enviral, Non-Exec Director of Rising Arts Agency and former Bristol City Council’s Culture Board member. A prolific storyteller, she predominantly works across film, photography, writing, design, events and sound, and has been training as a creative intersectional environmentalist following years in STEM. Her research consisted of developing a sustainable circular system repurposing waste substances to experimental hybrid tools for inclusive nature-inspired experiences and producing inspiring environmentally-conscious AdGreen & Albert productions. With international projects and creative public engagement activations across the Middle East, the US, Africa and Europe, she challenges approaches to inclusion and innovation in the spaces she works, producing work that can be experienced by all but most importantly gives visibility to and engages those from marginalised groups.

Responses to Climate Crisis and Emergencies
event poster for Responses to Climate Crisis and Emergencies with people planet and performance.

Responses to Climate Crisis and Emergencies

Storytelling from the Performing Arts

Wednesday 26 July 2023
Kenya, Uganda