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Erdem Avşar

Researcher, playwright, poet, translator. His research focusses on queer dramaturgies, sociology of grief and hope, and utopian thinking. 

Erdem is an LKAS PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on queer dramaturgies, sociology of grief and hope, and utopian thinking. He is an affiliate artist at UNESCO RILA. He was the 2019 recipient of the Kevin Elyot Award. His plays have been shown in Scotland and Italy. His creative work has recently appeared in clavmag, in the anthology The Book of Bad Betties, and in the edited volume Collaborative Playwriting (Routledge). His most recent academic work on queer ghosts on the Turkish stages has been published as part of the queer performance special issue of Contemporary Theatre Review. He translated works of Zinnie Harris, Kieran Hurley, Gary McNair, David Harrower, and D. C. Jackson into Turkish. His translation of Harris’ Midwinter, premiered at DOT Theatre, was listed in the 2017 Honours List of Eurodram. 

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Queer Dramaturgies in Turkish Theatre

Queer Dramaturgies in Turkish Theatre

24 January 2024

How can we think of queerness as a form of political intervention? In this episode, we talk with Erdem Avşar about Turkish theatre, queer utopias, and ghosts. We examine queer dramaturgies in Turkish and international theatre, discuss translation into and from Turkish, re-think temporality in playwriting, and question what queer utopias look like onstage.