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I am a audio producer / writer / editor.

I love cardigans, big headphones, and being ten minutes early.

And I believe in storytelling.

I've spent my entire life devouring stories. I stayed up all night as a kid tearing through books: classics, sci-fi, comics, anything I could get my hands on. I huddled under my blankets in the bedroom I shared with my brother and balanced my iPod on my chest, letting the tiny glow illuminate the book I could not pull myself away from.

Through college, I saw my core friend group sort itself out as a television show, each of us embodying and destroying archetypes. As our relationships grew, we amassed an oral tradition all our own, a record we referred back to in moments of celebration, strife, and reflection.

I found poetry and spoken word, podcasts and audio diaries, and the live storytelling that crackles both on a massive stage or a trail in the Canadian wilderness.

With every retelling, a story starts up like a piston engine with every retelling.

As it whirs, it builds and builds, retaining energy, keeping itself going.

I have the skills to harness and unleash a narrative in the medium it deserves.

Audio, prose, poetry, tweet, mixtape, message in a bottle, smoke signals - I can write it.

I believe in the story. Let me believe in yours.

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Exploring a Podcast Collective Model with Eric Silver of Multitude Productions

Exploring a Podcast Collective Model with Eric Silver of Multitude Productions

Adventures in Audio Fiction Episode #3

11 March 2020

In this episode of Adventures in Audio Fiction Podcast, Tamara Kissane is in conversation with Eric Silver, the Head of Creative at Multitude, an independent podcast collective and production company based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.