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Felicia Owusu-Ansah

Be Radical and Change the World!

Felicia Owusu-Ansah, an Applied Theatre scholar and practitioner, received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Ph.D. in Theatre Studies from University of Ghana. During her PhD studies she was offered an admission to Simon Fraser University as a visiting full-time graduate student in a Formal Exchange Program for one academic year. Felicia is currently a faculty member in the Department of Theatre Arts in the University of Ghana. Her research interests include developing new approaches to teaching and research, Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed approaches and exploration of indigenous knowledge through applied theatre for community development. Felicia has done extensive work in organising and facilitating awareness creation, sensitization and Community education. These include campaign against ‘Irregular Migration’ in Ghana with support from Ghana Immigration Service, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Ghana, Ministry of Interior, and British High Commission, Accra. She has also worked proficiently with the use of theatre to address other social issues like ‘Care and Support for people living with HIV/AIDS’ and some health-related issues in Ghana with support from Care International-Ghana (Obuasi). Her other research interests include abuse prevention, skills training for women and teen-mom empowerment. She is a member of Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed and International Federation of Theatre Research. Dr. Felicia Owusu-Ansah is the founder and artistic director of Akuaba Theatre Productions (an NGO that employs Applied Theatre for Community empowerment and individual development).

Three students stand with two chairs in the middle of a circle of audience members outside.
Setting the Stage for Empowerment with Theatre of the Oppressed

Setting the Stage for Empowerment with Theatre of the Oppressed

9 November 2023

Applied theatre scholars and practitioners Jennifer Schaupp and Dr. Felicia Owusu-Ansah discuss the empowering potential of Theatre of the Oppressed, and how Felicia has been able to utilize it in Ghana and other places around the world.