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Gavion Chandler

I am a playwright and an aspiring director. I write plays that put what I call 'the human question' on trial in my World-stage as my players engage and challenge our own humanity and those ideas and beliefs that create our social mythology. By the end of my plays the audience become the subject and object of my players fury and wrath, as I raise social questions that is thrown into the audience's lap like a squirming unwanted child, with my players asking them, "Now, what are we going to do about this?"

As long as I can remember I have been involved in the arts. I took dance, I draw and paint and I write. I have written over eight hundred poems, thirty some short stories, two novels, and twenty-eight plays. I have illustrated my own chat book and tome of poetry. But as much as i love the arts, my passions are in the theatre because of what it is, it's a living, breathing art that stirs and quickens the human conscience.

Throughout my life I have had a sporadic college education studying business, sociology, theatre and writing that has allowed me to look at world from different ways. My approach to writing plays is intellectually raw and honest where I inquire of and challenge all that makes us 'so human' as I engage the audience making them consider their own humanity, for better or worse. We are our own worse and best heroes and villains.

Our humanity intrigues me and appalls me. What we are capable and what we do with what we can do perplexes me so I bleed my thoughts into ink and parchment to make sense of who and what we are, ever while wondering, "How can we be better human beings?"

I have not published and produced any of my work, but that is my goal. I am working towards creating my own theatre company that produces works that will engage, challenge and question social issues that is governed with an artistic integrity. My hope is to create art that creates awareness while making a difference.



Gavion E. Chandler~

'Man is his own devil.'