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Genevieve Schroeder-Arce

Hello! I'm a 17 year old senior at LASA High School and a proud Indigenous writer, artist, and activist. My most meaningful work experience comes from my service as an assistant instructor Indigenous Cultures Institute Summer Encounter in San Marcos, Texas. There, I regularly use my theatre, dance, and arts background to help teach Indigenous youth about their lineage and culture in a constructive, decolonized way. Thanks to the lessons I learned as a participant at ICI, I have become a strong advocate for centering Indigenous communities and creating safe spaces for young people to play and grow. In addition, I am now a proud member of the LASA Raptor Band where I am learning Color guard for the first time! It is truly a rewarding experience to be surrounded by positive, welcoming people on a daily basis working tirelessly to put on a fantastic show for our community. In college, I hope to expand my knowledge of both STEM and Indigenous disciplines to serve and uplift my Indigenous community and others around the world.

Three smiling performers wearing feathered halo headbands dance and clap.
Teatro Vivo’s Fully Interactive La Pastorela 2022

Teatro Vivo’s Fully Interactive La Pastorela 2022

10 July 2023

Genevieve Schroder-Arce discusses her experience attending—and co-creating—Teatro Vivo’s Las Pastorela 2022, which invited audience members to construct the piece and perform it for one another as a way of modeling collaboration among community members.