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Giulianna Marchese

Giulianna Marchese is a dramaturg, writer, and literary manager.

GIULIANNA L MARCHESE graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University in 2017. As a dramaturg, she has worked with numerous theatres in Chicago and Pittsburgh. Her plays have been performed in the Skokie Short Play Festival, CMU’s Playground New Work Festival, and by At Home Artist Project, a digital theatre company. Her scripts can be found on the New Play Exchange. During the pandemic, she spent a year teaching in her hometown's public schools in West Virginia. As a graduate student at UC Santa Cruz, Giulianna’s research focused on using performance to support alternative approaches to justice. You can read her thesis (titled Restorative Theatre) on ProQuest. She is currently the literary manager of Chicago's Red Theater where she curates a monthly script reading club. https://redtheater.org/scriptclub

Four women play the drums together on stage.
An Art Festival in Rwanda Converses with the Past and Celebrates Our Shared Present

An Art Festival in Rwanda Converses with the Past and Celebrates Our Shared Present

5 October 2023

Giulianna Marchese discusses productions from the Ubumuntu Art Festival, which is held annually at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda. Throughout this year’s festival, performances explored what it means to be a human post-tragedy—the highs and the lows.

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