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Guy Ben-Aharon

Born in Israel, Guy Ben-Aharon is the Producing Artistic Director and Founder of Israeli Stage, an initiative dedicated to sharing the vitality and diversity of Israeli culture. After the success of Israeli Stage, Guy was asked by the Goethe-Institut Boston to develop German Stage, by swissnexBoston to develop Swiss Stage and by the French Consulate to develop French Stage. His dedication to bringing international theater to younger audiences has resulted in tours up and down the East Coast. A proud Emerson College Alum, Guy has been profiled in The Boston Globe, The International Herald Tribune, Ha’aretz and Improper Bostonian.




Working Towards a Greater Jewish Theater

9 March 2014

I believe that the future of Jewish theater is in the hands of those who identify themselves as both practitioners and Jews, but independently of one another. It is not about the Jewish theater practitioners, but rather about the theater practitioners who are Jewish. Since being a Jew doesn’t mean it’ll change the type of theater you do or how you do it, we need to focus on the fact that being Jewish changes your approach to it. And much like alumni of a certain school of acting have a type of shorthand with one another, so do a group of Jews.

#JewPlay: What is the Future of Jewish Theatre?

#JewPlay: What is the Future of Jewish Theatre?

A series of articles by Jewish theatre practitioners on what Jewish theatre means to them.