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Haley Honeman

Haley Honeman is the Title IV-A Arts Education Specialist for the Arizona Department of Education. She has a BA in Theater Arts from the University of Minnesota and MFA in Theatre for Youth from Arizona State University. She has worked as a teaching artist with Stepping Stone Theatre, Teatro del Pueblo, El Centro Cultural La Marin, A Center for the Arts, Habla: The Center for Language and Culture, and Rising Youth Theatre. As a performer, she has appeared at The University of Minnesota, Bedlam Theatre, Teatro Daniel Ayala, and The Phoenix Hostel. 

Biking Beyond Linear

Biking Beyond Linear

Past and Future in The Kirkbride Cycle

14 October 2014

Haley Honeman writes about The Kirkbride Cycle, a site-specific musical performed at Fergus Fall State Hospital, a deinstitutionalized asylum in Minnesota.