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Hanna Cormick

Performance artist, Crip activist.

Hanna Cormick creates across fields of performance art, theatre, dance, curation, and crip activism with a creative ethos that prioritises anti-extractivism, climate justice, and access rights. Hanna’s current practice is a reclamation of body through radical visibility. Hanna has worked as a physical artist for twenty years, performing in Australia, Europe, and Asia, and is a graduate of Charles Sturt University (Australia) and École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq (France).

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I Am the Damage We Have Done to the Earth

I Am the Damage We Have Done to the Earth

Intersections of the Climate Crisis and Disability

28 April 2020

Performance artist Hanna Cormick talks about how she uses her body as a metaphor for the damage humans do to the earth, and calls for a more sustainable relationship to our bodies and nature.