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Hanna Cormick

Performance artist, Crip activist.

Hanna Cormick is a performance artist with a background in physical theatre, dance, circus and interdisciplinary art. She is a graduate of Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and Charles Sturt University's Acting degree.

Cormick's practice has spanned many genres and continents over twenty years, including as a founding member of Australian interdisciplinary art-science group Last Man To Die, one half of Parisian cirque-cabaret duo Les Douleurs Exquises, and as a mask artist in France and Indonesia.

Her recent works include The Mermaid (Sydney Festival 2020; Ainslie & Gorman 2018; Art, Not Apart 2018), Canary (worldwide locations for Climate Change Theatre Action 2019), Little Monsters (Art, Not Apart 2019) and the current work-in-progress theatre work Zebracorn. In 2018 she was a finalist for the National Award for Disability Leadership (Arts) and the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award (Young Leader).

Her current practice is a reclamation of body through radical visibility.

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I Am the Damage We Have Done to the Earth

I Am the Damage We Have Done to the Earth

Intersections of the Climate Crisis and Disability

28 April 2020

Performance artist Hanna Cormick talks about how she uses her body as a metaphor for the damage humans do to the earth, and calls for a more sustainable relationship to our bodies and nature.