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Henry Godinez

Henry Godinez is Resident Artistic Associate at Goodman Theatre, and Director of The Latino Theatre Festival. For Goodman, he fostered the co-production of Pedro Páramo with Teatro Buendia of Cuba, and this fall, he will direct the world premiere of Charise Castro Smith’s Feathers And Teeth. Born in Havana, Cuba, Godinez is co-founder of Teatro Vista, recipient of the 1999 TCG Alan Schneider Directing Award, a professor in the Department of Theatre at Northwestern University, and proudly serves on the Board of Directors of The Illinois Arts Council Agency, and Albany Park Theater Project.

A Snapshot of Latina/o Theatre in Chicago

A Snapshot of Latina/o Theatre in Chicago

22 July 2015

Kristiana Colón, Henry Godinez, Isaac Gomez, Ricardo Gutierrez, Sandra Marquez, and Alexandra Meda reflect on the Latina/o theatre scene in Chicago.