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James Prince


James Hansen Prince is the Artistic Director and Founder of The Core Theatre, a professional theatre company located in Richardson (Dallas), Texas.  He had his first taste of acting as a child at Chris Wilson’s Actor’s Theatre in Houston, Texas.  He later earned his B.A. in Theater from the University of Texas at Dallas.  In the 1980s, Mr. Prince steadily worked in theatres throughout the DFW and Houston areas.  His passion for acting continued to thrive as he progressed into television and film work.  From 1992-1994, he had his own traveling theatre company, “Theatre on the Square,” in Houston.  In 2008, he and his family moved back to Dallas.  After a long hiatus from acting, he was not only ready to return to acting, but to tell the stories that were welling up within him.  In July 2008, he held a public reading of his first play, “A Reason to Believe.”  In 2009, he opened The Core Theatre, a nonprofit 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) theatre company.  Since then he has written 5 more plays all produced in Dallas and has taken one of those plays, INFERNO: Fire at the Cocoanut Grove, to Boston and Off-Broadway.