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James Still

writer, citizen, activist.

JAMES STILL is a writer and director living in Los Angeles. He is the Playwright in Residence at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, and is an elected member of the National Theatre Conference in NY and the College of Fellows of the American Theatre at the Kennedy Center. He is an Affiliated Artist with American Blues in Chicago. His newest plays are THE CRATCHITS (in America), DINOSAUR(s), (A) NEW WORLD, and a new adaptation of Anna Sewell's novel BLACK BEAUTY. Won some prizes, been nominated for some prizes. Best prizes are the people I work with.

The Peaceful Warrior

The Peaceful Warrior

What's Fabulous Got to Do with It

1 June 2011

The playwright James Still mueses on creativity, the role of the inner and outer creativity, and finding happiness in unlikely places in the journey of creating new work for his keynote adress at the Cohen New Works Festival at the University of Texas at Austin on March 28th, 2011.