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Jean Ann Douglass

Jean Ann Douglass is a playwright, performer, and artist. Her play The Providence of Neighboring Bodies was called one of the best at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 by the Guardian, and is available from Oberon Books. She is the co-creator of The Truck Project and Human Head Performance group with her partner Eric John Meyer. MFA: Brooklyn College, BFA: Tulane University.

Jean Ann Douglass and Eric John Meyere in a truck.
Why We Do Theater in Trucks

Why We Do Theater in Trucks

18 June 2014

There is much that can be done in a truck that cannot be done in a conventional theater—and vice versa. The shows we create for a truck will forever only be performed in a truck, as they’d be much different shows if we wrote them with a brick and mortar theater in mind. Working in trucks is a great primer in how to exploit the particulars of a given environment, and a great reminder that we shouldn’t take theater spaces and the assumptions that come with them for granted. Conventions are great, but using them should be a choice.