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Jean Hartley Sidden

Jean Hartley Sidden holds a Ph.D. in Theatre Arts from University of Oregon and a Masters in Theatre Studies from University of Arizona. Before diving into the world of higher education she was an actor who wrote plays. Her play A Civilized Custom was produced as an Equity Showcase in New York in 1981. In 1991 her play New Year’s Eve at the Club Paradise won the Lenoir Rhyne Playwriting Contest. Other plays have received readings and/or productions. Since recently emerging from the world of higher education, she is embarking on a playwriting journey once again. She is a reviewer for www.thefrontrowcenter.com. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Craving the Outrageous

Craving the Outrageous

Theatricality and Theatricality

14 June 2015

Scholar Jean Hartley Sidden considers the spectrum of theatricality.