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Jeanmarie Higgins

new performance dramaturg and associate professor at Penn State University

Jeanmarie Higgins publishes widely on the intersection of performance theory and practice. Recent dramaturgy projects include Inside Ashland, or Troublemaker for the People's Light and Theatre; placed and and how to be in two places at once for AGA Collaborative; and Mamá Goose, a new bilingual Spanish/English children’s musical by Irania Patterson and Beth Murray. Her dramaturgy process for Kim Jones’s reconstruction of the lost 1935 Martha Graham solo, Imperial Gesture, is the subject of “Iconicity and the Archive,” an essay in Review: Journal of Dramaturgy. She is an associate professor in the School of Theatre at Penn State where she heads the BA in Theatre Studies and researches the relationship of performance, intimacy, and technology through the Arts & Design Research Incubator.

The Youngest People in the Room

The Youngest People in the Room

Dramaturgy in Undergraduate Theatre Programs

15 May 2016

Jeanmarie Higgins, Professor of Dramaturgy at UNC Charlotte, presents strategies for decentralizing and distributing the dramaturg's role among groups of students and faculty who collaborate on a variety of research-driven tasks.