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Jeni Incontro

Jeni Incontro is a producer, actress, and the Founder and CEO of Stage Stream, a user-driven digital theater website. She served as a Lead Producer on Right Together, Left Together, Devour, Snakeskin Suit, and Matt and Ben for the Unknown Artists, and Associate Producer for the Ovation-nominated The Elephant Man with Mechanicals Theater Group. She attended the NYU Tisch School of the Arts BFA program, and is currently enrolled in the Wharton Executive MBA program. www.mystagestream.com @mystagestream 

Bringing Theatre into the Digital Age

Bringing Theatre into the Digital Age

23 January 2015

Jeni Incontro encourages the theatre industry to change the business model by embracing technology, filming performances, and giving theatregoers the option of watching whenever they’d like.