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Jennifer is an arts administrator and a writer

Jennifer Haley is an avid reader and journal keeper. She has worked as a production assistant, was an intern at WP Theater, and currently works in Communications at The Lark. She has a B.A. in Anthropology from Barnard College, and was the recipient of a research fellowship and travel grant allowing her to conduct ethnographic research in Thailand. Jennifer lives in New York with her plants and half-finished craft projects.

End of the Lark

End of the Lark

The Role of Nonprofits in an Actually Just World

10 December 2020

HowlRound Theatre Commons is excited to lift up the work of The Flashpaper as today’s featured article. In issue two of this print-only publication composed of plays, manifestos, short stories, monologues, essays, and art work, theatre artists imagine what moments of justice could look like in our future. We are excited to share “End of the Lark: The Role of Nonprofits in an Actually Just World,” an essay co-written by Jennifer Haley and Olivia George about New York City’s theatre and lab the Lark.