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Jennifer Schaupp

Jennifer Schaupp

A PhD candidate in Creativity, Jennifer Schaupp is a Pittsburgh-based writer, educator, and collaborative theatre artist with a multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multi-hilarious perspective. She is interested in the connection among healing-informed practices, language learning, immigration, comedy, social justice, and applied theatre techniques. Currently, she shares her arts mission and passion as an adjunct professor, standardized patient, and freelance author.


Three students stand with two chairs in the middle of a circle of audience members outside.
Setting the Stage for Empowerment with Theatre of the Oppressed

Setting the Stage for Empowerment with Theatre of the Oppressed

9 November 2023

Applied theatre scholars and practitioners Jennifer Schaupp and Dr. Felicia Owusu-Ansah discuss the empowering potential of Theatre of the Oppressed, and how Felicia has been able to utilize it in Ghana and other places around the world.

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