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Jess R Pfeffer

Jess R. Pfeffer, PhD, is the Assistant Director of Academic Support at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, MA.

Jess R. Pfeffer received her PhD in English from Tufts University in 2018. Jess's research is mostly focused on the ways that we conceptualize the body as gendered and sexed, and the process through which we ascribe language to those bodies. Prior to working at Deerfield, Jess taught a smattering of college courses focused on gender and sexuality in the greater Boston area. 

In a past life, Jess also worked as a sound designer in the Philadelphia area, though this doesn't really inform their current research.

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Are We Traumatizing People?

Are We Traumatizing People?

9 July 2019

Emer McHugh and Jess R. Pfeffer discuss Hamlet’s nunnery scene, how gendered violence onstage is often about the perpetrator’s character development, problematic assaults on TV, and more.