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Jesse LaVercombe

Jesse LaVercombe is a Toronto-based writer and actor originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Jesse LaVercombe is a Toronto-based actor and writer originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Acting credits include productions with the Tarragon Theatre, Factory Theatre, New Stages, The Jungle, Marigny Opera House, Videofag, Blyth Festival, PuSh Festival, Red Sky and the Caravan Stage Company, and many TV and film productions in the U.S. and Canada. Past writing projects include: Preacher Man, Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender, Donny's Second Book (with Step Taylor), A Presence of Monster (co-creator, PuSh Festival), "The Things You Think I'm Thinking" (short film - received twelve festival awards, officially selected at over forty-five festivals internationally). Current projects include: Hallelujah, It’s Holly (three-act play, commissioned by Driftwood Theatre), G-G-G-Genevieve (two-act musical with Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski, commissioned by YES Theatre). His writing has received support from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. TrainingNational Theatre School, Canadian Film Centre

canadian money
Canadian Public Arts Funding and a New National Narrative

Canadian Public Arts Funding and a New National Narrative

25 April 2019

Toronto-based American actor and playwright Jesse LaVercombe looks at how Canada’s public arts funding has had an impact on the theatre that gets made.