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Joann Farías

Joann Farías’s work has been produced in theatre, opera, and radio since 1994, including Miracle Theatre, South Coast Repertory, Houston Grand Opera, Seattle Opera, Opera Idaho, and others.  She was awarded the NEA/TCG Theatre Residency Program for Playwrights, to create the The Road to Xibalba at Teatro Milagro. Her play Claudia Meets Fulano Colorado was anthologized by Broadway Play Publishing. Her ten-minute play Free Pregnancy Test will be performed at Casa 0101’s Un Acto con Impacto show in May 2015. 

Why Write Chicano?

Why Write Chicano?

13 August 2015

Playwright and poet Joann Farías calls out her community to show up at the theatre to support Latina/o theatre artists.