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John Kendall Wilson

John Kendall Wilson currently teaches Auto-Cours, theater history, dramaturgy, and the history and theory of performance art in the departments of Theater, Performance Production, and Humanities & Sciences at Cornish College of the Arts. 

Graph explaining the theatricality of a space.
Auto-Cours at Art School

Auto-Cours at Art School

A Foundation of Devising Original Work in an Ensemble

31 October 2014

With no assistance from outside their group, several student performance groups devise their own work as a solution to the posted problem. The problem is a mix of text and images arranged on a page. The text and graphic elements are precise, and often not obviously meaningful beyond their ordinary appearance, but after a close read the details of the page may be seen as suggestive toward a response, provocation, or a call for investigation. This is what students must solve through performance.