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Julia Levine

Julia Levine is a theatre artist, educator, and producer based in New York City. Originally from the Midwest, Julia’s work involves collaborative processes and explorations of the twenty-first century, with particular attention to environmental concerns. Her original play, GAIA: an eco-theatre project, was part of the Indiana State Museum's Going Green Festival. As a director in NYC, Julia has assisted on various downtown projects that consider political and cultural topics, with companies including Theater in Asylum, Manhattan Shakespeare Project, and Honest Accomplice Theater. Julia has worked administratively for Superhero Clubhouse and The Foundry Theatre, among others. She is the Assistant Producer of the 2017 International Human Rights Festival, co-hosted by the Institute of Prophetic Activist Art and Dixon Place, where she will premiere Uproot, her new play on the American food system. Julia graduated summa cum laude from Butler University, where she studied Theatre and Anthropology.

Recipe for Change

Recipe for Change

23 September 2016

Director Julia Levine discusses how she approaches her process, and examines the relationship between food and theatre.