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Katherine Bourne

Katherine Bourne is a Seattle transplant currently living in Dallas. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2012 with a degree in Acting and has been seen on multiple stages around the DFW area, including the Dallas Theater Center, Undermain Theatre, Watertower Theatre, Dallas Actor's Lab, Shakespeare Dallas and Stage West. She also teaches for the Dallas Children's Theatre. In her free time she drinks too much coffee and enjoys a good nap. She plans to spend this summer in Chicago, taking part in The School at Steppenwolf Theatre.

Not Only Cowboys Live in Dallas, Surprise!

Not Only Cowboys Live in Dallas, Surprise!

7 May 2014

I ended up staying in Dallas more through a process of elimination rather than an initial zeal for the theater scene here. But I chose right, plain and simple. I’ve lived here for about five years, four of which I was a student at Southern Methodist University earning my BFA. In that time I’ve watched an entire arts district somehow rise out of the ground, multiple theater companies be born, and I’ve joined the ragtag team of young artists looking to see what this town has to offer.