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Katherine Owens

Katherine Owens is the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Undermain Theatre.  For Undermain, she has directed world premieres by Len Jenkin, David Rabe, Lynne Alvarez, Mac Wellman, Jeffrey M. Jones, Lenora Champagne, and Neil Young.  In New York, Katherine has directed Neil Young’s Greendale at the Ohio Theatre, A Man’s Best Friend at WalkerSpace, Glamour at the Ohio Theatre and Coaticook at the SoHo’s Think Tank’s Ice Factory Festival. She is a recipient of the AAUW Texas Woman of Distinction Award and in 2012 was nominated for Texan of the Year by The Dallas Morning News.

Undermain Theatre Turns the Big 3-0

Undermain Theatre Turns the Big 3-0

6 May 2014

I’ve been honored to carve out a career in Dallas over the last 30 years producing new and experimental work as the Founder and Artistic Director of Undermain Theatre. Over the past 3 decades I’ve seen Dallas evolve in some remarkable ways, developing into a vibrant home for the arts and culture in ways that I couldn’t have imagined when I was a young director just putting on some plays with my friends in a literal basement off of Main Street.