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Kathy Randels

Kathy Randels, founding artistic director of New Orleans' ArtSpot Productions, has written, performed in, and directed numerous original solo and group works for professional, student and incarcerated ensembles in Louisiana and beyond. Awards include the 2008 V-Day Leadership Award, the 2007-9 NEA/TCG Career Development Program for Directors, a 2003 OBIE (Nita & Zita) and numerous awards from New Orleans-based entities. She founded the LCIW Drama Club in 1996, co-founded The Graduates in 2012 and has worked with Students at the Center since 1998. Recent collaborations include: Kiss Kiss Julie, Rumours of War, Go Ye Therefore..., Loup Garou, Flight, Lakeviews, Swimming UpStream and UPROOTED: The Katrina Project. Upcoming premieres include: Cry You One and small acts of apocolypse.

The Evolution of The Graduates

The Evolution of The Graduates

19 January 2013

Randals writes about theatre created by women who have personal relationships with America’s criminal justice system who seek to inform their audiences to incarceration’s effects.