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Kemelo Sehlapelo

Contemporary dancer, performance artist, writer, teacher, and friend.

My work focuses on how various life experiences shape us and show up somatically. I am especially interested in how the effects of trauma i.e. racial and sexual) and the strong and sometimes difficult emotions it can produce can invade our everyday life. Somatically, how does this feel? When we understand it, can we become closer to understanding how to heal?

PUHA Season 1 Episode 2 w/ Gergö David Farkas, Kemelo Sehlapelo, and Veronika Szabó.
Queerness and Gender

Queerness and Gender

14 September 2022

In this week’s episode of PUHA podcast, co-hosts Bíborka and Zsófi navigate their way through a discussion of what queerness means with performer, actress, and director Veronika Szabó; contemporary dancer Kemelo Sehlapelo; and dancer, choreographer, and clubber Gergő Dávid Farkas. Together, they contemplate identities, responsibility, and the way queer people exist in society.