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Kim Cuny

Teaching artist focused on inclusion, storytelling, and learning through justice as means to help adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and all young children try to make sense of the world around them.

Kim Cuny is a North Carolina Theatre for Young People (NCTYP) Teaching Artist who earned her MFA from UNC Greensboro in 2007. Kim is passionate about exploring collaborative ways of making theatre for young audiences inclusive in every imaginable sense. Locally, Kim works to bring theatre arts to children who are not having theatre experiences and to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. On campus, Kim is actively involved in the use of theatre techniques to teach scientists to better communicate about their science.

Kim’s community projects include launching NCTYP Neighborhood Theatre which brings short plays to Greensboro communities, NCTYP Storytime! a process drama and literacy teacher resource available for check out at the McGirt Horton Branch of The Greensboro Public Library, and producing NCTYP’s first inclusive performance which offered a relaxed environment for theatre goers who feel constrained by the traditions of theatre etiquette.

Kim’s awards include a Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro grant and Outstanding Service Engagement from the National Communication Association (2020). Kim has been recognized for Teaching Excellence by Guilford Technical Community College (1998), the College of Arts and Sciences at UNCG (2018) and is the recipient of UNCG’s Anna Marie Gove award for university excellence (2021).

Kim’s pedagogical and creative interests include radical pedagogy, experiential learning, speaking center studies, Learning for Justice, and use of storytelling, along with process drama, to help adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and all young children make sense of the world around them. On her first day of kindergarten, Kim told her classmates the story of Chicken Little, and she has been telling stories to children ever since. More about Kim’s academic career is available here.


MFA The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Theatre for Young Audiences

M.A. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Communication Studies

B.A. Monmouth University, Speech, Communication, and Theatre

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