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Kofoworola Owokotomo

Theatre Director and Researcher ( Feminist/gender discourse , Theatre for social change )

Kofoworola Owokotomo is a Nigeria based Theatre artist with over three years experience in directing educational and professional plays. She is committed to using Theatre as a tool to Foster social development in Nigeria . Her works explores Theatre praxis for social change and Feminist/ gender discourse . She has directed plays such as Eve Ensler's "The vagina monologues , Euripides' "Trojan women" and several others , she also works with communities to create performances aimed at addressing social issues; she worked with Igbo Oloyin community, Ibadan, Nigeria in 2020 to address the issue of drug abuse and the need for education in the community, in 2019 , she worked with Abadina Community in the Southern Western region of Nigeria to address the issue of Tribalism and pollution in the community . She graduated with a bachelor degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2020. she is currently a Research Intern in Theatre Emissary International Research Hub.

A group of women and children.
Applied Theatre for Community Development in Nigeria

Applied Theatre for Community Development in Nigeria

26 July 2021

Kofoworola Owokotomo shares the theatre for development processes she undertook with a team of students to tackle issues of drug abuse, tribalism, and poor attitudes towards education in two Nigerian communities.