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Leda Farrow

Leda is a multidisciplinary artist from New Zealand with a background in puppetry and art installation. She recently finished her Masters in Fine Art at Massey University in Wellington. Her research and art practice is based on human-machine entanglement and the impact of technology on the body and the social and physical environment. She is interested in representations of the human form, particularly in puppetry and more recently, automata and animatronics. She likes to engage viewers in social issues and create work that is satirical, chaotic, and interactive.

She has a multidisciplinary approach to art making and likes to use mechanical and analog technology and recycled materials to produce sculptures that are unconventional and idiosyncratic. she regards herself as an avant-garde artist and likes to produce work that is engaging, provocative, and playful for a wide audience.

A puppet booth with two puppets in the window.
The Brutalities of Mr. Punch

The Brutalities of Mr. Punch

27 January 2022

Leda Farrow considers the history, legacy, and symbolic potential of Mr. Punch, a hand puppet characterized by his violent acts.