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Leslie C. Lewis

Leslie C. Lewis is a writer and producer with a background as a musician and conflict resolution specialist. Her short and full-length plays have received performances, staged readings, and workshops in the West. She is the author of non-fiction essays and articles for the academic and popular press, receiving awards for subject matter on the environment and contemporary culture. Leslie is a co-founder, co-producer and emcee of Rough Draught Playwrights, a live performance venue presenting Colorado playwrights’ works-in-progress, and a founding member of Dirtyfish Theater, a playwrights collective creating and producing original work in Denver. Radio credits also include a series of essays addressing contemporary social issues which she wrote and broadcast for Connecticut Public Radio. She lives in Longmont, Colorado with her husband, daughter, and assorted critters.

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Where Playwrights Love Playwrights (and Actors, Directors, and Producers)

23 August 2018

Leslie C. Lewis looks at how playwrights are working together and building community with Rough Draught Playwrights in Denver, Colorado.

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