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Mallory Kay Nelson

Mallory Kay Nelson designs at the intersections of Costume, Disability, Shop Management, Vocational, and Ethnography for theatre, dance, musicals, opera, and disability culture. She is obsessed with the root of everything and how it all intersects with the history of clothing up to what we wear now. She believes that if you put the truth in the costume that the understanding will follow. Mallory received her MFA in Costume Design from Carnegie Mellon University. She worked with PHAMALY, 17th Ave Theatre, The Aurora Fox and other theatres around Denver Colorado before she attended CMU. After grad school she worked for Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis and Boston Court in Pasadena, The Production Bunch and other web based productions. Mallory has spent the last ten years trying to find the crack in the production industry where you’re allowed to be disabled. She has worked for Smart Revenue, Easter Seals and USITT before finding a home as the Assistant Costume Shop Manager at Syracuse Stage. Mallory is currently writing and presenting on the topic of disability design. She has yet to find a way to be a designer with a disability.

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The Importance of Including the Disabled Designers

The Importance of Including the Disabled Designers

29 May 2019

Mallory Kay Nelson and Michael Maag talk about the low number of full-time designers working in theatre; the realities of costume, lighting, and projection design as a disabled artist; and how delegation is a skill they’ve both had to master.