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Matthew Laird

Matthew Laird is the assistant supervisor of the Fabrication and Finishing shop at Animax Designs—a character, puppet, and animatronics shop based in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to assisting with management, Matt works as a fabricator and designer for the shop producing items for Disney Parks & Cruse Lines, Universal Studios, Bush Gardens, and Sesame Workshop. In his free time, Matt is active in the local theatre community where he works with Belmont University's School of Music to provide unique performance opportunities for the students who play percussion. Whenever possible, he also does freelance work for independent puppet films in Atlanta.

One Thirty-Second of an Inch to the Left

One Thirty-Second of an Inch to the Left

A Measured Look at Puppet Building

3 September 2015

Puppet builder Matthew Laird discusses the joys and challenges of crafting puppets for live performance.

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