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Meg Greene

Meg Greene is a prevention educator, writer, theatremaker, and community-based artist. She works with the SAFE Alliance as Changing Lives Managing Director (a collaboration with Creative Action) and Expect Respect’s Educational Theatre Manager. Meg earned her MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities from the University of Texas at Austin (UT) and a BA from The Ohio State University in Journalism and Theatre Performance. As an applied theatre artist she has worked with school based programs, grief and healing communities, people experiencing homelessness, juvenile detention centers and with military youth experiencing deployment. Her teaching artist work spans Columbus OH, Washington DC, Exeter UK, and Austin working with organizations such as UT’s Drama for Schools, the University of Exeter, Arena Stage, Young Playwrights’ Theater, and Imagination Stage.

Over the last four years, Meg has used theatre as a prevention and social change tool to address issues of sexual assault, dating violence, healthy relationship education, and suicide prevention. Through UT’s Voices Against Violence’s Get Sexy. Get Consent. program she worked as an actor-facilitator and then became the tour director, using Theatre for Dialogue to teach undergraduate students about negotiating sexual consent. She also collaborated with UT Austin’s Be That One suicide prevention program to integrate interactive drama-based strategies into their bystander intervention program. Meg is passionate about the power of theatre to connect people across difference, build empathy, and open up dialogue in order to make change.

Gender Responsive Casting

Gender Responsive Casting

29 June 2016

Meg Greene explores the casting process as a socially responsible practice that considers and values gender identity.

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