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Meggan Gomez

Meggan Gomez is the Theater Conservatory Director at Working Classroom in Albuquerque, NM. At Working Classroom she manages all aspect of the theatre program, including contracting guest artists, developing new projects, partnerships, and curriculum, as well as teaching improvisation, clowning and Theatre of the Oppressed. Originally from Pennsylvania, Meggan studied acting in the BFA program at Montclair State University before moving to New York City to create her own work. Affiliations include Cornerstone Theater, The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and TEDxABQ. Meggan is on the steering committee of the Latinx Theater Commons and sits on Working Classroom's executive board as Secretary.

Mad-Lib Theatre

Mad-Lib Theatre

Making Plays with Audience Stories

24 June 2018

Director Meggan Gomez reflects on working with her youth ensemble based in New Mexico to create _____ Historias, a play that is created in real-time in response to stories shared by the audience.