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Meghan Arnette

Meghan Arnette is the Founding Artistic Director of Live Girls! theater and a freelance director, educator, vocalist and actor living in Seattle, WA. As a director she has worked on numerous local and world premieres including Hardball by Victoria Stewart, Emerald City by S.P. Miskowski, Family Stories by Biljana Srbjanovich, and Scab by Sheila Callaghan. She has directed plays for Youth Theater Northwest, Pony World, 14/48, Cornish College, Freehold, ACT Theatre's Young Playwright Festival, Seattle Dramatists and Northwest Playwrights Alliance. Meghan is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and a 2007 member of the Lincoln Center Director's Lab.

In Defense of Supporting Work by Women

In Defense of Supporting Work by Women

Thoughts from a Loud Mouthed Feminist Theater Girl

11 May 2012

Meghan Arnette maps out why she's concerned about the lack of productions by female playwrights... and why anyone who cares about the future of the American theater should be too.