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Michael Edan

Playwright, director, actor, holistic health practitioner

Major themes of interest in my work include: the relevance of perceived dark in relation to perceived light for the purpose of furthering understanding, insight, and personal emancipation. I'm interested in the tangle and tango of polarities, the potency of mythic motifs and how their metaphoric substance underlies the substratum of our lives. I am interested in the underlying quest for wholeness that lives somewhere, even in the seeming stolid territory of the mundane or perverse. I'm interested in discovering through story, ways to reveal the marvelous in the ordinary. I am interested in theatre that has the capacity, in its highest form, to be ritual as well as story that can initiate a shift in consciousness. I am interested in theatre that can take us beyond our addiction to novelty to something more meaningful and substantial. I am interested in theatre that can provide a good, healthy laugh then turn around and stun with revelation. I am interested in theatre that is not afraid to show the ugly and still be willing to proclaim the beautiful.

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