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Michelle Tyrene Johnson

Michelle Tyrene Johnson is a Kansas City, Missouri-area playwright who has had plays staged nationally, including in California, Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, and Kansas. Several of her plays, such as Wiccans in the HoodThe Negro WhispererTrading Races: From Rodney King to Paula Deen, and Echoes of Octavia have been in New York City festivals, including the Obie Award-Winning The Fire This Time Festival, along with a staged reading of the The Green Book Wine Club Train Trip at Harlem’s National Black Theatre in 2017.

The Ground on Which We Stand

The Ground on Which We Stand

10 June 2018

Playwright Michelle Tyrene Johnson and director Claire Syler discuss their collaboration on The Green Duck Lounge, a play that delves into Kansas City, Missouri’s civil rights history.