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Molly W. Schenck

Molly W. Schenck is an independent dance-theatre artist and the founding artistic director of Grey Box Collective (GBC). As an independent (and introverted) artist, she takes time to create solo-performances where she can investigate new forms of technologies, tools and expression. When directing for Grey Box Collective, she creates space for dialogue around difficult conversations utilizing a semi-devised approach to dance-theatre for social change. For the past ten years she has focused her creative efforts in staging sexual assault prevention. Additionally, she has performed with Orange Theatre Group, Conder/Dance Breaking Ground Series, Mesa Arts Center, and nue[BOX]. She has earned an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University, and a M. Ed. in Higher Education and a BA in Theatre from the University of Maine. Outside of the arts, she is a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and health and wellness educator. Learn more at

Five Grounding Techniques to Cultivate Resilient Ensembles

Five Grounding Techniques to Cultivate Resilient Ensembles

28 March 2018

US director and health and wellness educator Molly Schenck describes five useful rehearsal techniques for ensembles to adapt when creating work around difficult topics.